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About me

I believe that every illness holds great wisdom and is spirit encouraging us back to our true selves. I work holistically, treating the individual as a whole rather that the symptoms that are manifesting and believe that it is not where we currently find ourselves but where we are yet to go.  

My work is apropriate for those who are suffering from emotional, physical, mental and spiritual manifestations of disease and those that are simply working through difficult times. I also offer support for those working through spiritual awakenings and those that find themselves in the depth of spiritual emergencies. I help clients access their true selves offering emotional and physical well-being, while also working on an energetic level  to release blockages and attachments.

Even though I am based in the United kingdom I work with clients internationally, offering  distant healing and support. I also offer private consultations at my home in Chesham, Buckinghamshire and am happy to travel to clients homes if needed.

I studied healing at The Collage of Psychic Studies in London and went on to study Yoga Vedante in South India. I have studied Core Shamanism under Simon Buxton at the Sacred Trust in Dorset, United Kingdom and completed my three year practitioner training with The Sacred Trust in 2018. I have continued to study shamanism and drop deeper into this work and ceremonial ritual with various teachers but as I firmly believe our true teachers are the spirits who grace us with their knowledge of the unseen world.

When you open the door onto this work the world changes forever and as you drop deeper into this work the beauty and healing one receives is unimaginable.


Living in a world without spirit is a wasted journey.

   David Tompson

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