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Shamanic Healing

We enter into this world as our true selves but as we move though this life we not only pick up conditioning through ourselves and others but our energy can get disrupted through various physical, mental and emotional traumas. This in turn leads to various maladies such as depression, a lack of self worth, addictive behaviors and disassociation from our loved ones and ourselves. The goal of this work is to rebalance our energy, allowing us to return to our true selves.

Shamans enter into an altered states of consciousness in order to interact with the spirit world and channel transcendental energies into this world for the purpose of healing and information. Shamans are not unique in this ability, as every person is capable of expanding their consciousness beyond the normal realms of existence. Shamanic practitioners develop the ability to transverse between the worlds through training, spiritual practice and ceremony. 

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is one of the most powerful and beautiful techniques a shamanic practitioner employs and is the return of a fragmented part of the self. Soul loss occurs when we experience mental, physical or emotional trauma and our natural defence at the time of the trauma is to leave and avoid the unbearable pain. We leave so we can survive. Soul loss can occur during emotional or physical trauma, such as an accident, abusive situation, sudden shock to the system, surgery, disaster, divorce, psychic attack or death of a loved one. Not all trauma leads to soul loss and sometimes these soul parts can find their own way home but we often need help in finding and reintegrating these soul parts . 

Soul loss can result in post traumatic stress disorder, gaps in memory or feelings of “being spaced out” and unable to focus or concentrate. It can manifest as chronic depression, dissociation, immune deficiency problems, addictions and prolonged and severe grief. Sometimes a soul part has been taken or unconsciously placed with someone for safekeeping. If there has been a circumstance where there has been repeated soul loss due to an ongoing situation, there may be several soul fragments that have separated over time. 

Soul loss can make it very difficult to maintain healthy relationships and may prevent us from living a fulfilled and satisfying life. If you feel like there is something essential missing in your life, or that you cannot access a particular state of being, or if you struggle with feelings of powerlessness or chronic depression, it is very likely that you have experienced soul loss.

Soul loss can weaken our system and leave us more vulnerable to illness and psychic attack including spiritual intrusions or thought forms from others and from ourselves. Compensatory mechanisms and habits may be developed to make up for this loss of essential energy. These mechanisms can often cause distress, or lead to further soul loss. Addiction may be one way of trying to fill the void left by soul loss or power loss.


A primary cause of illness is the existence of intrusions of inappropriate or negative energies that have taken up residence in the body. These intrusions interfere with the normal functioning of the spirit body and need to be removed. Like “curses” or psychic attacks they can have a strong negative effect on the spiritual body, but they can just as easily be self-created thought forms that have become toxic over years of negative self talk and poor self image, or from living in a spiritually toxic environment. Intrusions are more able to take hold when there has been loss of power or if the soul is fragmented and depleted through soul loss.

These toxic and invasive spiritual energies may also cause illness or pain and usually manifest in localised areas of the body, although they may move from place to place. The inflammation and pain may often be deemed by Western medicine to be psychosomatic or to have no identifiable cause.

Ancestral Work & Curse Unraveling

There are times when ancestral work is necessary for an individual to move forward on his/her path. The shaman communicates with the ancestors of the client and offers healing or to be a bridge for information from the ancestors to the client. Types of healing that occur with ancestral work include the lifting of family curses, removal of unhealthy contracts, healing a deceased soul or group of souls in the family line and assisting the client in the completion of unfinished business.

Compassionate Depossession

The shamanic belief is that some spirits, either in human form or otherwise, can become lost and link to a human being to draw energy from them. In such cases, the person’s thoughts and behaviour can be influenced by these discarnate entities. The shamanic view is that these spirits are not necessarily 'bad' but in the wrong place and need to be compassionately moved on. 

Psychopomp Work

Psychopomps, from the Greek word psychopompós, literally meaning the "guide of souls" whereby the shaman is able to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife. Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply to guide them. Some situations which cause an individual's spirit to remain on earth after death include, a sudden and unexpected death, a deep attachment to a person or family, or a strong desire to complete some remaining unfinished business. It is the roll of the shaman to help these soles move forward on their journey.

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